Captivating Cathedral Cellar

An events space, a social dining experience or an art piece…either way the Cathedral Cellar is the place to dine while you enjoy the incredible and innovative mind of Chef Mynhardt Joubert.

“100 years in the making” – Megan Daniels

KWV has always been a long-standing member of your families wine cabinet and what better way than to celebrate this iconic name by the launch of the breathtakingly gorgeous Cathedral Wine Cellar based at the KWV Emporium in Paarl, Western Cape.

Entering into the cellar the walls are adorned with enormous handcrafted wine barrels that hold many of the KWV secrets.

A centre aisle of tables separates the towering wine barrels before a handcrafted screen casts shadows of  busy movement behind it as Chef Mynhardt and his team prepare for a lunch extravaganza.

The KWV brand has a reputable ambassador that I have been in awe of for just over a year now. The incredible talent that is Chef Mynhardt Joubert is a fit in heaven and his creativity and flair in the Cape    Town food industry have been astounding.

Chef Mynhardt and his incredible team add the finishing touches to a sensory social dining experience that  will have even the most conservative foodie chatting up a storm.

Twelve years ago Chef Mynhardt touched down on our incredible Cape Town soil and working in various restaurants in and around Cape Town before opening up the most iconic wine bar of all “Bar Bar Black Sheep” in Riebeek Kasteel. A few years later having owned one of the Hot Spots of the area, he and his cooking partner Tiaan entered kykNET’s reality cooking competition Kokkedoor and won.

With an early career as a performing artist, Chef Mynhardt swopped his dancing shoes for his kitchen knives.  “My journey into food and wine probably already had it’s origins in my life as a performing artist  where I started my career.  There are so many similarities between the stage and the food industry: the wonderful creative energy, the intense discipline and the one opportunity to get it right!” says Chef Mynhardt.

With a strong passion for locally sourced ingredients, he draws inspiration from the freshest Cape Town (Winelands) produce.

They say that we eat with our eyes. Food needs to be visually appealing before we want to eat it. That couldn’t have been truer than the visual experience Chef Mynhardt Joubert offers.

The  tables were adorned with  “disposable plates” that Cape Town very much appreciates as we experience one of the worst droughts in years.

A colourful starter of the freshest fruits and vegetables were grouped in colour to highlight the incredible amalgamation of flavours and colours. An ode to the well-loved vegetable was experimented with in the form of knife skills, pickles, pastes and sauces and simply blanching to bring out the flavour.

We started with a Fig and pine nut roasted ciabatta with lavender and honey whipped butter.

The next course was Beetroot, carrot and matcha powder paint topped with Caramelised beetroot, candied  beetroot, fresh raspberries, strawberries, pomegranates and cream cheese rolled in freeze-dried flowers.
Heirloom rainbow carrots with gremolata, mango and dill salsa and paprika and tangerine mayo with bacon soil
, Asparagus, tender stem broccoli, avocado, mint mayonnaise, gremolata and fresh peas and pea shoots.

A Shiitake and Shimeji creamed mushroom pie filling with roasted arancini balls and puff pastry lattice followed before we dove into the White chocolate and rose water cheesecake with fresh fig semifredo and fresh whole figs.

“Chef Mynhardt is both a creative and a traditionalist in one incredible package” –  Anonymous diner seated at the table

Chef Mynhardt Joubert –

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