Quà Phê Berlin

Not your average coffee shop in Berlin

Berliners love their coffee as much as they like their currywurst – and believe me that’s a lot.  So when we stumbled across Quà Phê we soon realised it isn’t your typical coffee shop!

Quà Phê is a Vietnamese coffee shop that also serves light traditional foods. One of my favourite items on the menu is their steamed buns.  Honestly, I could eat these all day every day.  They are so versatile they are eaten either as a savoury snack or sweet snack.

Quà Phê Berlin

Their savoury options include a breakfast mix either plain veg or you can add a meet to the mix if that’s your cup of tea.  The rice is delicious and served for breakfast all the way through to supper, and for a euro, it makes filling up your belly far too easy!

One of my most favourite dishes with the steamed buns is their sweet dish. The steam buns are served warm, as is, and come with a side dish of condensed milk (I was ‘thankfully’ not Vegan at the time, so was able to experience the absolutely amazing combination of this treat)

However, just the buns on their own are to die for and the best accompaniment with tea or coffee! If your even in Berlin make sure Quà Phê is on your list of places to eat.

Quà Phê Berlin

You can find out more about Quà Phê on their Facebook page

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