Bad Reichenhall: Doing Vegan lunch in a Spa Town

One little town we frequent quite often is the little town of Bad Reichenhall. Bad Reichenhall is a spa town on the border of Austria and Germany in Upper Bavaria. It’s famous for its natural salt mines and offers a wide range of salt based spa treatments.

Although I’m sure the spa is fabulous I found a different little treasure hidden in the little Bavarian town.   The little restaurant called Juhasz Tagesbar (Daybar), it’s ticked away on the second floor of one of the departments’ stores. You definitely get more than you could imagine. They do their own cold-pressed mixed juices, that taste so good and leave you feeling even better.

The bread is baked on the premises and the attention to detail is a testament to a chef that enjoys his/her work. Being Vegan, I do end up eating a lot of salads and I love it! If there is one thing I can say is that the Europeans have done wonderful things to humble salad and it’s a taste sensation that never disappoints.

Salads come garnished with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, croutons a mixed bed of leaves that includes watercress all top off with a light vinegarette dressing. The perfect sauce to dip your bread in when you’re done!

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